KMD's eget univers på børsen.dk

Som led i en content-drevet strategi for KMD på erhverv, har vi i samarbejde med Børsen, skabt et selvstændigt KMD-univers på borsen.dk. Rethink har udviklet konceptet og det responsive subsite, og stået for redaktionel og teknisk drift. Ved at kombinere konventionel banner-annoncering med en landing page load'ed med relevant forretnings-IT-content, har vi fået brugerne til at interagere og blive længere tid - og sikret en direkte konvertering (af leads) fra relevant artikel til relevant specialist hos KMD.

Ny kunde: Næralarm

Vi har udviklet ny platform for Næralarm - Danmarks første nabobaserede alarmsystem. Al markedsføring sker gennem digitale og sociale kanaler, og vi holder en gns. konvertering til/med booket infomøde på ca. 25%.

Ny kunde: Fra 65 Ferie til Vitus Rejser

65 Ferie - nu Vitus Rejser - har valgt Rethink til at gennemføre en samlet re-positionering. Fra positioneringsstrategi og ny segmentering til ny, intergreret kommunikationsplatform og nyt CVI.

Zip! Vi er er klar med Vejdirektoratets nye film om at flette

Filmen er den nyeste i en serie, der skal gøre os danskere bedre til at begå os på motorvejene, og vil bl.a. blive vist på OBS

Juul&Nielsen siger goddag til 100.000 daglige forbipasserende ved at sige farvel til 70'erne

Juul&Nielsen er i gang med at renovere en meget synlig ejendom på Lyngbyvejen (bringer en tarvelig 70'er etageejendom op i nutiden...). Det har vi valgt at udnytte til at vise, at de kan kommunikere. Megabanneret passeres dagligt af over 100.000 mennesker, og vil have opnået en samlet rækkevidde på op mod 700.000 personer, når vi tager det ned i slutningen af 2014!

Børge Mogensen fylder 100

I anledning af at Børge Mogensen ville være fyldt 100 år i april, har vi - for Fredericia - lavet en jubilæumsbog, der tegner et billede af Danmarks største møbelarkitekt gennem tiderne - fortalt gennem hans møbler og gennem andre. Se bogen her.


We have a rather simple philosophy. We approach everything from an outside-in perspective and ask questions. The most important being: Why should anyone care about your company? Your customers are not waiting for you to get in touch and ‘help’ them. They are not paying attention. They have their guards firmly up against the daily bombardment of commercial communication and they share a common perception that most companies offer more or less the same. That’s why it’s important to know exactly who your customer is, who your competitors are, how you make a difference, and how to communicate in a way that’s relevant and gets share-of-attention.

This philosophy is well-anchored in the Rethink culture and translates into methodology in consulting and creative work. We have a well-defined and tight creative process and know that excellent creative work is hardly ever the result of bursts of inexplicable, divine inspiration. We employ the most talented young creatives and use hard work and a systematic approach to developing, testing and binning ideas until there is a solution that is both original and achievable.

In terms of strategic consulting, what most agencies describe as ‘strategy’, we consider ‘how-to’ and (tactical) execution planning. We help our clients translate business objectives into marketing objectives and KPIs, capture their own winning DNA, create positioning strategies and value propositions, and implement portfolio management that helps identify and optimise marketing investments.

The first step

To get help finding the answer, order a PDF of our white paper ‘The how-to guide to positioning’ or give us a call.


We have received your request and we will send you an email with a link to the white paper in a minute.


Full-service ad agency specializing in go-to-market strategy and creative communication.

Year founded:

Number of employees:
10 give or take

Independant (management owned)

Legal entity:
Rethink ApS
CVR/VAT no. 25053494

Kristen Bernikows Gade 6, 5
1105 Copenhagen K
Tel +45 33 33 08 70

The fine print:
All of the work featured on this website is the property of Rethink´s clients. Clients have exclusive ownership of and right to the work. Work cannot be reproduced without their express consent.


Rethink is the story of two very different agencies – Rethink and Pipeline. Rethink was a highly creative agency while Pipeline specialised in business-to-business and strategic marketing. We merged in 2007 as Rethink Pipeline and changed the name ‘back’ to Rethink in 2011.  

The original Rethink was rooted in Rethink Canada, one of Canada’s most respected creative and award-winning agencies. The Copenhagen Rethink was not directly affiliated to Rethink Canada but based its work on the beliefs and methodology used by the Canadian agency. The plan was to work with Rethink Canada on transatlantic pitches and North American clients looking to expand in Europe and Europeans looking to take their business west.

In 2004 Martin Kann, today partner and creative director at Rethink, moved across the Atlantic from Rethink Canada to become a partner at Rethink Copenhagen. Two years later this new agency had established itself as one of the fastest growing agencies in Copenhagen with a reputation for highly creative executions. Rethink had a habit of showing up out of the blue and winning accounts such as B&O, Kia, Accept Card and Jabra – brands that traditionally worked with much larger agencies.

At the same time as the start of Rethink in Copenhagen, Pipeline was founded by two former advertising executives from Kunde&Co. They wanted to create an agency that could focus on business-to-business and sales processes in larger companies. One of the founders was Kresten Bo Nielsen, today managing partner at Rethink. Pipeline grew slowly but surely into a well-established business-to-business agency with a client list that included Maersk, Clipper, Computer Associates and NNIT. The agency’s main focus was business and strategic marketing consulting. It had a creative department, but this was not strong enough to meet the agency’s ambitions of further development.

The management teams at Rethink and Pipeline met in 2007 and it was a perfect match from the start. The merger took place in 2008, the same year Rethink moved to the top of the old BT building on Kristen Bernikows Gade in the heart of the city of Copenhagen. The rest is future.


Building contractor specialising in larger new buildings and renovations.
Danish home design company, with major brands Eva Solo and Eva Trio sold worldwide.
Renowned Danish furniture design brand dating back to 1911. Especially famous for The Spanish Chair designed by Børge Mogensen in 1958.
Nordic market leader in it solutions and services for trade and document transactions e.g. EDI
International shipbroker established in 1980, specialising in dry cargo and bulk.
International ship-owners operating in bulk and projects.
Leading Danish strategy consultancy offering advisory and project management services for larger private and public area and property developers and owners
Denmark’s largest IT services provider with a strong history in public sector solutions
Public institution responsible for the development and operation of 4,000 km of state-owned roads in Denmark.
Denmark’s first premium coffee brand with outlets in all major cities in Denmark.


Art Director

• Strong conceptual understanding
• Minimum 1-2 years in the industry
• Experience in all major media and platforms
• Expert in all relevant creative software

We offer you to be part of a small team with high strategic competence and even higher ambition, in central Copenhagen. Send CV and portfolio to creative@rethink.dk


If you study communications, digital or graphic design at a renowned creative school in Scandinavia, we have two permanent internships available for 3 to 6 months. Just send us your very short application and stunning portfolio.


To maintain our focus on strategic and conceptual skills, we want to collaborate with closely related free agents and agencies in all other areas of expertise. This is an open invitation for both individuals and smaller teams. We offer your own space in a great working environment on one of the best addresses in central Copenhagen on very generous terms.

Currently, we like to collaborate with:
- UX / front-end designer
- Small, self-contained digital production unit (2-4 people)
- Experienced art worker (rentegner)

Interested? Write Kresten Bo Nielsen.



Kresten Bo Nielsen
Kresten Bo Nielsen
Partner & Managing Dir.
+45 3329 7445
Rethink ApS
Kristen Bernikows Gade 6
DK-1105 Copenhagen
T +45 3333 0870


Potential clients
If you have a communication problem, we´d love to hear from you, please contact: Kresten Bo Nielsen +45 3329 7445

Are you a photographer, illustrator, printer, web developer, director, audio production house or a commercial production house? Then we'd love to see your work. Send us your link. We'll send it to everyone here who should see it. If something comes up that would be right for your company, we'll be in touch. Feel free to send us updated links as well.